Tom O’Brien

Tom O’Brien graduated in 1974 from the University of Missouri at St. Louis. After graduating, I taught instrumental music for five years at the Wright City, MO school district.

Through the years, I’ve played with many local bands, such as “full House”, “Midnight Pass”, Backstreet”, “Butch Wax and the Hollywoods”, “King of Hearts”, “The Z Band”, “MannPower Band”, “Sacred Heart Stones” and “the Compton Heights Concert Band” and now with “Steve Davis”.

The instruments I play are Selmer Soprano, Alto and Tenor saxophones, Geimenhard Flute and Buffet clarinet. I also do a solo act for dinner parties, outside weddings and other small events. Several years ago, I started and still perform with the “Holiday Saxes” a saxophone quartet.