Ray Schulte

Ray Schulte’s (lead guitar) is a native of St. Louis, He began playing guitar at age 15 and soon developed a love for all string instruments. Upon graduating from high school he attended a music conservatory, studying theory and composition. Around this time he was recruited to be a member of Bob Kuban and the In-Men, a relationship which lasted for several years and included tours for the hit song “The Cheater”.

In time he decided to move on and pursue new musical styles, which led to the formation of the band “Touch”.they did shows with the Allman Bros., Janis Joplin, chuck Berry, etc. While teaching at a music store Ray met Royal and they formed a musical relationship which continues to this day. They became a part of Tony Orlando and Dawn’s band and toured throughout the U.S.A.

They formed the alternative rock band “Not on File” in the 80′s and did tours in Europe, Asia, the Middles East and South America.Now, Ray has become a part of Steve Davis’ musical family and is happy to be a part of this great show.

When not working with “Elvis” Ray and Royal performs “Ravaged Hearts”, doing shows of all original songs. Their album “Eternal Dreams” has sold both Nationally and Internationally.